St. James Millstadt School


School Closure Update

Update 03/20/20

E-Learning Plan - Please review the enclosed letter outlining our plan during the school closure.

Schoology - We are utilizing Schoology as a management tool to ensure there is continuity in education.  Students will access lessons, participate in online discussions, and complete assignments/projects.  Parents have the ability to view their student's progress as well.  All of this is accomplished with a unique access code that teachers will email.

E-Learning Resources - The document includes a list of all the online programs we utilize as part of our online curriculum.

Zoom - Teachers will host online seminars allowing for students to have discussions with their colleagues and teacher.  Students will be invited to the meetings via Schoology.



Job Posting

St. James has the position of Athletic Director available for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Candidates may send a resume to the Principal at [email protected].

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