Staff Member: Ms. Stephanie Bainbridge

Staff Member: Ms. Stephanie Bainbridge

Ms. Stephanie Bainbridge

Eighth Grade
Phone: 618-476-3510
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Years Teaching: 22 1/2

Favorite Book: The Five People You Meet in Heaven

What I love about Teaching: I love that moment when a student realizes that they understand what you have been teaching them... that millisecond that you can see the excitement in their eyes when the “light bulb” went off... that moment that child, without a doubt, gets it. I love that moment in a classroom when you’re teaching and a student asks “that” question that takes you to a different concept... you get that teachable moment and then another student explains to you how they understand the concept and it’s in a way you never thought of before... that moment the student realizes they just taught “me” something. I embrace it. I love that I can have such an impact in a students life that years later they still keep in touch and even come back to me for help because they know I meant it when I said I am always here to help them.

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