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September 18, 2020

Dear Parents:

Please review your child’s word box regularly.  We are adding new words to it each week. We will be playing a game with our words on Mondays.  Don’t let your child get too far behind.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Read books every day!  Point out words that the children should recognize from their word boxes.

Look at the things we have worked on this week and ask your child about them.  The more involved you are at home, the more successful your child will be.

Thank you!

Things we worked on this week:

  • In Phonics we are nearing the end on ABC Bootcamp. We looked at letters Rr-Vv this week.
  • In Math we practiced sorting by color, creating graphs, acting out story problems, and comparing circles and rectangles.
  • In Reading we took a look at school. We answered the question, “Why do we have rules at school?” We read an informational text called, My School Bus.  We learned about riding on a bus and rules that need to followed. We added the words the, blue, and twoto our word boxes.  Please review all words at home.
  • In Religion we are working on chapter 4. We celebrate God’s gift of land.