Welcome to Art Class! 

Hi Everybody!  In class we have been doing a lot of exercises, like studying proportions, learning how to use oil pastels, drawing things in perspective, and using the Art Element of value.  This week, we'll start our second self portrait.  These will be done in oil pastel, so you may want to bring a paint shirt. These will come home next Monday (Oct 26).


Over the next few weeks, we will be transitioning to a more choice-based approach to Art.  Students will be given 3-4 choices of projects that they would like to work on, and that means that students probably won't be all working on the same project at the same time.  Students will be able to explore media, subjects and activities that interest them, and I will continue to guide, mentor, and instruct students throughout the time they are working.  

I hope you all have a great week!

-Mrs. Breaux






First Grade "Magic" paintings